Macro Fibers

Fiber reinforcement for longer lasting concrete

FORTA’s synthetic fiber reinforcement aims to reduce project costs by shortening the construction time while also extending the life of your concrete application.

Enduracon represents FORTA Corporation. Fibers in concrete reduce settlement, shrinkage, cracking and explosive spalling in fire situations. Fibers in concrete improve impact, increase toughness, and increase fatigue life (endurance limit).

Enduracon prefers the product FORTA-FERRO®, which is a patented polyolefin twisted bundle that meets ASTM D7508. FORTA-FERRO® is a combination blend of macro and micro fiber.

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Compare reinforcements, materials and PCS fibers

1. Reinforcement: Bars and fibers

• Bars and fibers are discussed, evaluated and categorized by their diameters.

• Fibers reduce the probability of cracking more than reinforcing bar.

• Both hold broken pieces of concrete together after the concrete cracks, but fibers hold smaller pieces and reinforcing bar holds larger pieces.

2. Materials: Steel and Synethtic Macrofiber

Corrosion: Considerable corrosion with steel and none with polyolefin.

Strength: They both proportion to whatever strength is required.

Density: Steel is about eight times denser than the same amount of polyolefin.

3. Synthetic fibers: other brands compared to FORTA-FERRO®

FORTA-FERRO® is easier to use, mix, pump and finish.

Recent Minnesota FORTA FERRO® projects

Slabs on Ground

FedEx Distribution Center, Mankato, MN

Old Dominion Freight Distribution Center, Fargo, N.D.

Cirrus Aircraft Floor, Duluth, MN

Concrete on Metal Decks

Amazon Fulfillment Facility, Shakopee, MN

United Healthcare, Eden Prairie, MN

Millwright Building, Ryan Headquarters, Minneapolis, MN

Concrete Paving

MnRoad Test Sections, Albertville, MN

Highway 63 Concrete Overlay – Zumbro Falls, MN

Highway 25 Concrete Overlay – Lewiston, MN

Bridge Decks

High Bridge – St. Paul, MN

Eishenhower Bridge – Redwing, MN

Gateway Bridge – New Ulm, MN

35W@94: Downtown to Crosstown – Minneapolis, MN

Precast Concrete Septic Tanks

Weiser Concrete Products, Stewartville, MN

Sather Concrete Products, Brainerd, MN