Macro Fibers


PERFORMAX™ HT Synthetic, High-Tensile Macro Fibers are uniquely engineered with higher tensile strength to provide better “Built-In Reinforcement” as a replacement for steel fibers, welded-wire fabric (WWF) and conventional reinforcing bars in a variety of secondary reinforcement applications. In addition, PERFORMAX™ HT Synthetic High Tensile Macro Fibers help to minimize temperature shrinkage cracking, plastic settlement and plastic shrinkage cracking.

PERFORMAX™ HT Synthetic High Tensile Macro Fibers are manufactured from a blend of 100% virgin polyolefin resins. PERFORMAX™ HT Synthetic Macro Fibers meet the requirements of ASTM C1116/C1116M “Standard
Specification for Fiber-Reinforced Concrete” and the requirements of ICC ES AC32 Section 3.1.1 for plastic shrinkage
reinforcement and 3.1.2 for shrinkage and temperature reinforcement.