Fly Ash

Enduracon Technologies has been marketing Class C fly ash for 17 years.  It is a MnDOT Certified Concrete Fly Ash Source (1/28/18).  Class C and F fly ash are products of the combustion of coal in large power plants. Fly ash is collected in electrostatic precipitators or baghouses, then transferred to large silos for shipment.

Most useful in “performance” mixes, prestressed applications, and other situations where higher early strengths are important.

Especially useful in soil stabilization, since Class C may not require the addition of lime.

Improves the flowability and workability of the concrete, which translates into less wear and tear on all the producer’s equipment, from batching facilities totrucks.



Sustainacrete™ geopolymer concrete is our newest innovation designed to challenge the use of portland cement, which puts significant CO2 emissions into the environment.